“Life is an adventure. Great outdoor brands inspire, encourage, energise and give people the practical tools to live their dreams. Outdoor products give people access to life. This is what inspires us. This is the story that needs to be told”.

Who we are

I take pleasure from the simple things in life; I think they’re the most satisfying. I always credit my own experiences with The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award at 14 years old as the thing that bred my love for challenge and the outdoors. Never under estimate an experience or journey, and never forget how wildly capable you are - Rachel Bowden, Director

Tenacious and lovers of the outdoors and adventure. We strive to connect with people over shared experiences. Experiences that challenge us and make us feel alive. Couch surfing with a family in Russia, riding a motorbike to Mongolia, or sat around drinking tea with friends after a long walk.

The Great Outdoors Agency is a manifestation of our personal values. We strive to do things we never thought possible, to thrive in unforgiving environments and to experience real life.






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